Adieu, 3CT International! Long live music and the arts!

I don’t know what this will mean for Hao and The 3 Chinese Tenors as a singing, joking, story-telling, backflipping act. He didn’t give me all the reasons. I don’t even know any of the details. They may or may not be complicated but I didn’t ask too many questions because it was a business and it was his business. Still, I was saddened when Hao told me that he needed to shut down and wind up a number of 3CT assets. I found this out when he told me that he was shutting down the 3CT website.1

Review 3CT Geraldton news

A review of The 3 Chinese Tenors

Will this mean that the music will stop? No more singing from Hao, a child prodigy at the age of three, a dishwasher who couldn’t speak English plucked out of obscurity by Australian television and newspapers when they discovered his stunning voice… right? And what of the singers who sang with Hao? Must they find another stage, another audience?

Will there be no more opportunities for the acrobatic, martial arts and dance productions that Hao created?

Somehow, I sincerely believe that the music Hao makes will not be silent for long, and the art he produced will soon find another form of expression. Most importantly, the individual, his talent, and his humour are still going strong!

Long live Hao and The 3 Chinese Tenors! Long live music and the arts!

1.This blog, the Facebook page, the Twitter account are not connected with the legal entity. I’ll continue to post more content and news when the time is right.


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