3 Chinese Tenors Album Now in iTunes Store

Well, it only took us over a year to get our album into the store but there it is now at last: https://itun.es/au/DND_0.

Our music aggregator (digital music is usually published on the major online stores through an aggregator, not directly by the artist), it turned out, apparently had no experience with publishing classical content and failed to submit our recordings successfully so we had given up and thought we would simply have to find another aggregator one day who could actually do the job.

But then, yesterday, a good year-and-a-half later, Hao was searching for some tenor aria recordings on his computer. Browsing through the search results, he almost fell off his chair when his own recordings appeared with the album cover image automatically downloaded from Apple. At first, he had no idea where the image had come from but then we searched the iTunes store and, sure enough, there were our 14 tracks—the same ones we’d tried to get submitted back at the end of 2013!

So, to all our patient listeners to whom we’d promised a pre-Christmas release, thanks and sorry for the delay.  At least it is before Christmas—just not the Christmas we’d originally planned…

3 Chinese Tenors digital album cover

3 Chinese Tenors digital album cover


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