Wishing You All a Wonderful 2016

We wish for everyone a 2016 of good fortune and wonderment!


Cyclone Ingrid Part 2

We were dripping with sweat (okay, so the ladies amongst us didn’t sweat; they glowed) but we had forgotten the heat by now. The bus had managed to continue to inch forward steadfastly. There could not have been much more than the merest whiff of fumes remaining in the tank by the time we somehow…

Singing After Cyclone Ingrid Part 1

Hao really sounded concerned. “I don’t think we have enough fuel!” The response from the six passengers was immediate and uniform: absolute alarm! All eyes were wide open; books, iPods and other distractions cast aside. We were in the Western Australian desert. Cyclone Ingrid had hit the State north of the region only a week…